Sunday, April 16, 2006


Here it is the first of weekly reports on the Thursday night fight s at the Midwest King's of the Ring.
Our first fight of the night was a submission grappling match between James Halligan and David Nicklaus.Nicklaus pulled off the win with a tap from a rear naked choke.
Next was a boxing match between Shawn Huffman ( not pictured ) and Guadalupe Diaz. Huffman hit hard and strong , with fierce blows dropping Diaz several times. The fight went the distance with Huffman getting a unanimous decision over Diaz.
Louis Roberts took on Brian McFadden in a NHB match that was very fast paced. It ended with Louis Roberts winning by tapout over McFadden early.
Branden Howlett was victorious win in a submission grappling bout with the very game and ever ready James Halligan, his second bout of the night Brandon sealed the deal with a tap from a front choke.
Our most exciting and cheered event was 2 beautiful ladies Cherry and Finess, going the distance in a NHB bout. The crowd was going crazy as the match bounced back and fourth between the two very competitive girls , these girls easily showed the most fierce energy of the evening so far.The match was won with Cherry finishing up the fight with a flurry of punches as her opponent seemed to retire early.
Next bout of the night was a won by DQ for our very feisty fighter Jason Hajostek, also know as "Hillbilly" was awarded the decision when his opponent Shawn VanDerpool forgot to stay within the agreed terms of the fight.
Our main event of the evening Was a tapout victory in a NHB match over Lucas " Luke Duke " by the ever popular an up and coming fighter Rod " The Destroya " Montoya , in very fast and hard hitting action filled main event to conclude the night.
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