Monday, April 24, 2006


Another great fight night at the KINGS OF THE RING on Thursday. The first match of the night was a grudge match between 2 guys who actually really didn't like each other it was a very good match for a grudge match and ended up being a win by tapout going to Geoff Bruns. (not Pictured ) The next fight of the night was won with a rear naked choke applied to Brandon Howlett by the very fast and always ready to fight Mike Linquist. Also winning over Jake Cuzakk was Zack Pugh with a very good showing this night, he suplexed his opponext twice high in the air, almost snapping the other guys neck, even Tim Sylvia with his eyes wide open said "Wow did you see that !"the suplex's caught this guy off guard and opened him up to a rear naked choke,winner Zach ! We had 2 girls fight in a boxing match the last only part of the first round when Lindsay Franks called it off in the middle of the first round , giving the victory to Heather Brade. Next match was a crowd favorite fighter who shows up every week looking to fight and thats Rod "the Destroya " Montoya. Rod has a strong following with plenty of fans to cheer him onIn his fight this night he destroyed the crafty Walt Shallabarger in the very first round only 1:22 into the fight.Victory was sweet for Rod who we look forward to seeing again, probably next week !! Our main event of the evening between Ted Renolds Jr taking on Miletich Trained fighter making his pro debut and very popular with the crowd Frank Young. He won his match by making Ted tap due to guillotine choke.Frank also won another fight this weekend in the main event of Bad Blood 1. This guys moving quick, lookout for this guy to make moves !!
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