Tuesday, July 15, 2008


DreamFighters.com: Pat, thanks for taking the time to speak to me at DreamFighters.com

Pat Miletich: Not a problem at all

DreamFighters.com: You are now the Vice-President for Fighter and Promoter Relations for WAMMA. What does that position entail?

Pat Miletich: Good relationships in any business is important and even more important in MMA than most. This is a people business and I get along well with most in MMA very well. My position with WAMMA serves a couple different purposes I guess.
I am a conduit between the WAMMA executives and the MMA world. I am also serving an advisory role in regards to
many situations that arise as the company grows.

DreamFighters.com: What made you want to join such a group as WAMMA?

Pat Miletich: They are made up entirely of very credible people. Dave Szady is a former heavy hitter with the FBI and the CIA
and is great at running and directing people. He is also a guy with a reputation for not being intimidated or bribed.
This creates a situation that allows fans, fighters, and promoters knowing they can trust this company to do things
above board.

Mike Lynch is a former attorney with the Levin law group and has a large amount of knowledge in the boxing and MMA world. He knows the pitfalls that boxing has fallen into and wants to create a positive situation for MMA.

Kay Stephenson is a former head coach in the NFL and knows how pro sports systems should be run. His knowledge is very important to the success of WAMMA, as well as the success of MMA in the mainstream sports world.

Fred Levin is, well, Fred Levin. A very successful attorney from Florida who has handled the careers of guys like Roy Jones. He see's where the sport of MMA needs help and the purpose WAMMA serves to helping fighters gain
recognition and the amount of money they deserve thru fights and endorsement deals.

Bill Goldberg is a guy that has been in the limelight of the NFL, pro wrestling, and now MMA. he has the vision to help athletes in MMA attain the household name recognition and understands the building blocks of how this is truly
accomplished. He's also a really funny bastard!

Most importantly though is their passion to see MMA avoid the pitfalls that boxing has had and see the fighters and fans get the fights they all want and deserve.

DreamFighters.com: What do you think of Affliction being the first Fight Organization to include the WAMMA belt?

Pat Miletich: I think Affliction has their act together to say the least. They understand the amount of prestige that goes with hosting the first WAMMA undisputed world title bout between Tim Sylvia and Fedor.
Even if Godzilla and King Kong had a fight on pay per view, very few would buy tickets or purchase
the tv show if the bout was for nothing. People would want to know which one was going to be crowned
the ruler of the world, and the WAMMA belt says just that. Affliction has become a big part of the history of how
MMA will be run from July 19th forward. They have a vision and are highly motivated businessmen.
Tom and Todd both get a big thank you from me for personally for understanding how big this moment
in MMA will be for all the fans, fighters, and the promoters. I also really like their clothes!!! haha

DreamFighters.com: As the VP of Fighter and Promoter relations for WAMMA, can you tell us anything on who is next after Fedor/Sylvia to fight for the WAMMA belt? (Maybe in a different weigh class)

Pat Miletich: We are looking at many options and have been working with many organizations to lay the groundwork for the upcoming WAMMA undisputed titles. The heavyweight division has many top fighters that
are part of organizations willing to work with us, so that is a weight division that is front and center for WAMMA.

I would also say that we recognize the amount of talent in all the weight classes in many different organizations
is vast and we plan on seeing many incredible fights for WAMMA belts in the near future.

Adrenaline, Affliction, Strikeforce, EliteXC, M-1, Dream, IFL, Sportfight, etc.... all have a lot of talent
that deserve to have a shot at being named the #1 guy in his weight class and we are going to look to
all of them for huge matchups down the road.

DreamFighters.com: What do you think of the Fedor vs Sylvia match up at Affliction? How do you think your boy Tim Sylvia will do?

Pat Miletich: I think you know the answer to that one. I have trained Tim for almost a decade and obviously
want him to win. Fedor is a monster and he deserves the #1 ranking without a doubt. The Honda center will be absolutely insane on the 19th and it's the biggest and best MMA card ever.

DreamFighters.com: Has Tim been training with your camp full time for this fight? If so, what have you all done in terms of training to better prepare Tim for a fighter like Fedor?

Pat Miletich: Tim has trained for this fight full time here in Iowa. He has been pushed harder for this fight than ever before and we are very confident in his ability to win this fight. Ted Mueller, Pedro Sylviera, and myself have all been working hard getting
Tim ready.

The Ben Rothwell Andre Arlovski fight is also going to be incredible. It's going to be a fight we
feel Ben can dominate. We are also very thankful to Affliction and Monte Cox for making this fight
possible. Ben has worked so hard for this opportunity and is pumped to bang with Andre.

DreamFighters.com: Any news on any of your fighters? (maybe future fights, new fighters, or anything like that Pat)

Pat Miletich: I have new hammers all the time. We don't rebuild, we reload. haha To mention one means I forget a bunch. Trust me when I say we are becoming stacked again.

DreamFighters.com: Are you still very active with you fighting club, Miletich Fighting System Elite ?

Pat Miletich: Yes, I am here almost every day training fighters and running the evening practice.

DreamFighters.com: What is the message you want the MMA world to know about WAMMA?

Pat Miletich: That WAMMA is providing the athletes the ability to truly become the #1 fighter on the planet. Many organizational champs exhist, but there are no undisputed world champs. It's almost like the mythical college football champions. I hate this and I want to know who is the number one team in the land. Fighters and fans
want and deserve to know the same in MMA. These undisputed bouts will build the sport to a completely
different level and give everyone in the sport what they deserve. A true undisputed world champion!
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