Tuesday, June 13, 2006


This Thursday was another night full of action as we started the night off with Justin Hannabarger ( not pictured ) def Zack Blazczk in round 1 by choke .
The man known only as Kyle tapped out Greg Johnson in round one also.
Adam Johnson fell victim to fighter Jeff Morrison.
Joshua Baddorf made Thomas Richardson tap out in round one.
Jamie Campbel took the victory over Daryl Shook this was a really good fight with some really fast paced action.
Zack Mickelwright ( not pictured ) took it hard to KevinPowell with an impressive round one TKO.
Finally Curt Buis ( not pictured ) made Randy Mills tap in round one to end the night for this weeek.
Next week the 15th is Pro fight night again, hope your there ..
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