Wednesday, June 28, 2006


First fight of the night was KILE FISHER making a 2nd week return and a victory over RICHIE ATKINSON in round one with ref stoppage due to strikes.
Next also an ever returning fighter JUSTIN HANNABARGER made his opponent JAMIE CAMPBELL tapout in the first round.
Next was fun time ..sumo wrestling with a three fall to win AIMEE SMITH out lasted ASHLEE SCOTT as she was complaining it was too hot, sad, sad, sad, its only belly bucking and rolling around, she quit when the score was 2-2,, she also failed to show for her No Holds fight later that night after she was quoted in saying she "was gonna knock that girls teeth out".
Next also a popular and always coming back fighter TRAVIS CHRIST hit hard and moved in quick to make TONY SHORT end it all by tapping out.
Next our crowd controll guy / bouncer fighter RYAN ANTLE went boxing against MIKE OSBOURNE, they both fought good but RYAN had the advantage and took the win over big MIKE OSBOURNE.
CHUCK NORRIS- yeah you read it got the victory over KEVIN POWELL due to an injury stoppage , his knee went out or got twisted ...he was in alot of pain for shure.
The last figfht of the night was a very powerful and stocky KYLE CONSIDINE putting the whoop to fighter ARRON KUSTER, after seeing KYLE in action I would have called for the Generals help..! ..ok,ok I was just kidding job to all the fighters ..great show .
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