Monday, June 05, 2006


This was a full night of MMA action starting with Randy Kephart defeating Arron Schooler in round one by rear naked choke.
Next were 2 girls and Samantha Smith won that match over Alissa Hixson as another match ended in round one also by chokeout.
Randy Mills stepped in next and gave a round one TKO over Justin Leatherman.
Becoming a crowd favorite , Jared "The Pink Passion" Francis took his fighter out in round one when he slammed John Rath to the matt so hard it ended the match.
Next 2 more gilrs , one from before , unimpressed with her previous attempt to fight Alissa Hixson tried it againg,taking it fast and surprising KIng's favorite Lindsay Franks, when she dropped Lindsay right off the bat with a clean headstrike. Lindsay Franks moved into action and stepped up the pace to get her a victory over Alissa with a slam and some good ol ground and pound as the referee stopped the match when her opponent was unable to defend herself from stikes.
Next Daryl Shook took a win as Chris Court chose to end the fight after a massive slam to the matt from Darly , unable to continue due to injury.
The referee was busy stopping fights as Zack Blaszczyk threw strikes to Randy Kedhart until it was stopped early in the fight.
Nathan Ozmon was the winner over Jeff Morrison in round one as Jeff was penalized for an illegal strike.
Our co-main event was a full 3 rounder with Rod Montoya getting a unanimous decision over Chris Walker , this fight was very close and each fight was almost out on there feet at one time or another during this match up.
Speaking of match ups , I don't know who will be able to contain the ferociousness and pure strenght and power that Jason Pierce ( not pictured ) a Miletich Fighting Systems fighter making his pro-debut as our main event of the evening lasted a whole 17 seconds as he put a beating down on Anthony "White Tiger " White that no one could have foreseen. My only words on the mic after this fight was OMG ! OMG ! there was probably 20 punches thrown in those17 seconds and I'm not kidding you Jasons whole body was rippling with muscles you could see across the room as the strikes came with megaton force.This guy could be on the way to the top if he pursues this as a career for sure.
Avery exciting night with actually more people who wanted to fight that we didn't even have time for...see ya next Thursday.
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