Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Eddie Goldman speaks with six of the coaches in the International Fight League (IFL): Bas Rutten, Pat Miletich, Carlos Newton, Renzo Gracie, Matt Lindland, and Maurice Smith. We caught up with them, mixed martial arts legends and champion fighters all, right after the IFL’s show Sat., June 3, at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, NJ. We spoke with them about their roles in the IFL, both outside and possibly inside the ring, as well as their assessments of the state of mixed martial arts.
Bas Rutten talks about his coaching plans for the IFL and his return to fighting on July 22 in the WFA against Kimo. Bas's web site is at
Pat Miletich talks about his victorious Silverbacks team in the IFL's first team championships, his fight with Renzo Gracie in IFL in September, and the UFC fight between Matt Hughes, whom he also coaches, and Royce Gracie. Pat's web site is at
Carlos Newton talks about his plans to form a Canadian-based team for the IFL. The web site for the academy where Carlos teaches is at
Renzo Gracie talks about why he will fight Pat Miletich in IFL in Pat's home area, his coaching plans for IFL, and his analysis of why his cousin, Royce Gracie, lost to Matt Hughes in UFC. Renzo's web site is at
Matt Lindland, who also fights Quinton "Rampage" Jackson in WFA July 22, talks about his plans for an IFL team based in Oregon as well as why he feels more wrestlers should become mixed martial arts fighters. Matt's web sites are at and
Maurice Smith evaluates how his IFL team, the Tigersharks, did in the IFL championship finals, and comments on the issues between K-1 and Bob Sapp, whom he recently accompanied to the Netherlands.
The results of the IFL June 3 show have been posted on the Combat Sports News at as well as the IFL’s web page.
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