Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Due to problems logging into Blogger since Saturday night ,this weeks fight report will be short and to the point.
First match of the night a submission grappling match had Bill Bower def Alex Shipman by rear naked choke.
The next was a NHB match where David Brown def Dan Estal also by rear naked choke.Another submission grappling match made the 3rd win by choke of the night as Shane Grabasvh got the best of Josh Bill.Shane did it twice in one night as he also choked out Nick Hindahl.
Zach Broders got TKO'ed by Big Travis Christ in round one of their NHB match.(not pictured)

Next was girls Sumo and Kodi vs Terri and Terri winning by the three fall rule .
Ashley vs Marie in Sumo #2 of the night with Marie winning this one .
Next was a NHB match whereRandy Mills Choked out Evan Maxwell in round 1.
Jake Klemme the featured fighter of the week held on till almost the very end till he got an apponent and was a very good - go the distance NHB fight between him and Zack Mickelwright,Zack's defense was very haard for Jake to pass he said after the fight ...it was starting to wear on him , but Jake held on , kept stiking and trying to submit ol Zack until the final bell where Jake Klemme was the winner by split decision.
The Pro main event of the night was was very hard fought fight between a Miletich fighter making his pro debut against Mike Lindquist, although Mike fought hard , he was worked over by the Miletich trianed fighter and finally had to stop the fight with ADAM MOHR of Bettendorf the winner of this contest. Mike was heard later saying " man , I gotta buy that guy a beer, whew ! " Good job Adam and thanks to you Mike for being a very good warrior in this match.
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