Tuesday, May 30, 2006


THursday May 25th. First fight was Kevin Powell with a first round tapout of Dan Estal, then the next fight was Joshua Anspach Choking out Justin Tincher with a nice triangle choke to finish that in round one also.
Next was a heavyweight grappling match between the heavyweights,Dave Cavanugh and Travis Christ ..we didnt have a winnerhere it was a draw. I didnt get a pic of Dave , but Travis has been in the ring a few times before and rarley gets pictured so there you go ...heeeeerrreeess TRavis !
Kevin Powell stepped up again and TKO'd Matt Jenecheck in the fight before the main event .
Main event was Chris Walker taking it to Mike Cavanaugh and getting a TKO in round 2 , this was the best fight of the night , both guys were ready and willing to throw hard and take chances,congrats to Chris Walker.
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