Friday, May 12, 2006


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On this Thursday , things were very busy, so not all fighters were pictured, we try to get all the fighters pictures but due to sometimes last minute set ups of the fights , pictures do not always get taken, I'm building a library of fighters and eventually we should have most everybody in a without further's what went down.

The first match of the night was a grudge match with 133 lb fighter Corry Hopkey taking on the much bigger man 248 lb Sean Moriarity. Big ball-sack award of the night goes to ol' Hopkey on this one, he was almost knocked out on his feet at one time but he weathered the storm only to be choked out early in the second round by Sean Moriarty, the original report said Sean lost but that was wrong and was reported wrong due to a paperwork mixup caused by the ring literally falling apart during their fight, the ring was fixed and the fight went on, sorry bout the mix up .

Next was Chris Streeter getting the win over Donny Groch, when the fight was stopped due to a cut on Donny's hand, there could be potential for a rematch on this one.

The fighters for this next fight signed up in a hurry so there are no pics, but Daniel West applied a triangle choked perfectly to Michael May in the very first round , for a win by tapout.

Also not pictured is Dustin Holliday defeating Andrew Pierce, as Andrew was toppled like a big tree by Dustin only seconds into rd 1.
Next we had a lil sumo competition when Joella took on Jeska ,, Joella took the win by the the 3 fall rule, for a lil entertainment break on their behalf.
Next was boxer Lindsey Deal taking it to Jenna Nimms who was undefeated until this night when Lindsey took it to her, Jenna manage to attack her opponent with ferociousness on a female lion, but Lindsay out punched her to take the win by TKO.

The main event of the evening was 2 skilled fighters going way back to the likes of UFC 1 . Rod Montoya and Travis Christ ( Davey vs. Goliath )decided to go for it all in the big fight of the night.The fight wasn't the only thing big, as Travis Christ outweighed Rod Montoya by 127 lbs as Rod weighed in at 173 vs Travis' 300 lb frame. Rod got some good shots off to the head but he was unsuccessful in taking the big man down, Travis smothered him and dropped a few bombs of his own. Both fighters went the distance and held strong and Travis won this fight by split decision.

All fighters received prizes as we are now getting business owners stepping up and getting interested in getting some exposure at the fights,we have a great crowd full of good people and on every other Thursday we have a pro fight main event.
Come out and see us or take a part in the Thursday nights Midwest Kings of the Ring fight night.

A correction to last weeks should have read..."Zach Broders got TKO'ed by Big Travis Christ in round one of their NHB match.", it was accidentally turned around...sorry Travis....its fixed now.
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