Friday, March 31, 2006


Well antoher day to feel great about our new fight club, it's GREAT!! Last night was only the second time we were open and we increased our capacity, last time was our first time and we had alot of people and last night was more ! Thats a big increase to me ..if we do that every week, then by the end of this summer I anticipate a housefull of people in the club at one time to enjoy the beatings! I think this is the best fighting set up the Quad Cities has ever had. I've followed this same ring around town for over 10 years or so , bar to bar , club to club , basically its always been in a small bars, the exception was Stars n Stripes were the action was super duper, hell that was one of the greatest places I ever drank in the Quad Cities. Now the tide had turned and even though we are not a bar , we are a BYOB so its just as fun if not more because we have more fights - quicker, without having to feed the ring from the door and the keep the place dragging along until 2 am to make sure the bar made its money , our fights basically go from 9 - 9:30 until main event time at 12 midnight, every one can still make it to work and our placeis big enought that the fighters dont really have to breathe alot of smoke , so all in all this is the future of all fighting in the Quad Cities.
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