Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Have you ever seen Fedor Emelianenko grimace after being punched in the face? Think about it, he does not really ever make any faces after being hit. He rarely smiles or has emotion on his face, it’s part of his Sambo training. So do not be too surprised when you play EA Sports upcoming video game when you hit ‘virtual’ Fedor and he has a “Poker face.”

Gracie Fighter has the scoop on a bad ass story of Fedor being asked by a photographer for the “EA MMA 2010″ game to make a face for pain.

“EA has been wrapping up the photo shoots for their upcoming MMA video game. During the sessions, fighters are asked to make various facial expressions such as a look of suprise or pain. During Fedor’s shoot, the photographer noticed his face stayed the same, devoid of expression. The photographer then asked for Fedor to really try harder at which Fedor replied, “I don’t make faces”, and exited the room while retorting, “we are done here.”

Pretty bad ass, huh?
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