Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Former UFC Heavyweight champion Tim ‘The Maine-iac’ Sylvia had some aspirations of possibly finishing his MMA career with the organization that has made him one of the top Heavyweight fighters in the world, but following his 10 second knockout loss to former WBO Boxing champion Ray Mercer at this past weekend’s Adrenaline 3 “Bragging Rights” card UFC President Dana White says that Sylvia like Kimbo Slice would have to go through The Ultimate Fighter route to get back into the UFC.

In an article from LatestMMANewsNow.com White was quoted as to saying that Sylvia made MMA look like a “joke” and the only way he can ever make it back to the UFC would be via TUF.
“Are you kidding me, he seriously wants to return to the UFC?” asked White “He hasn’t won a fight in years and when he did he usually put everyone to sleep, the only time he’s in an exciting fight is when he’s getting his [expletive] ass handed to him.”
“Look, he just got beat by a near 50 year old in under 10 [expletive] seconds, how do you expect to be taken seriously after that? he just made MMA look like a complete joke. If he has any hopes of ending his career in (the) UFC he will have to go on TUF, there’s no other way he’s getting in.” said White.

I’m not sure of this, but I would not put it past the colorful UFC President saying that of his former UFC champion, but I just realized right now as to just how out of shape Sylvia was for the fight which it is safe to say that he was probably taking Ray Mercer very lightly and it showed.

Now with that result it has forced Affliction VP Tom Atencio to take Sylvia off the Affliction “Trilogy” card from his bout with Paul Buentello and all I could say about it is: man, I thought Andrei Arlovski had it bad!
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