Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Fiveouncesofpain has a billion sources informing them that Affliction is in “preliminary” stages about holding a third event head to head with UFC 100. “Out with a bang,” says one source and it looks like Affliction will be committing suicide on July 11 if they go through with this crazy plan.

A long awaited superfight between Josh Barnett and Fedor Emelianenko is scheduled to be on the card. Affliction will be asking fighters to take pay cuts to save money and they would have to find a basic cable television channel to air the event, as PPV distrubtors aren’t stupid and know that UFC 100 is on the same exact day.

Someone should come to their senses about this and realize this is a dumb idea. The UFC counter-programs because more likely than not, people will tune in to a UFC event because they are the UFC. You can’t counter-program when your competition has one thousand percent more fans than you do.

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