Friday, December 19, 2008


A family member discovered Mixed martial arts (Ultimate fighting) competitor Justin Levins and his wife, Sarah Mclean Levens, dead of a gunshot wound in Laguna Niguel California yesterday. Autopsies are pending on the duo, although press reports indicate a strong possibility of murder-suicide. To the LA Times:

Authorities today are investigating the deaths of mixed martial arts fighter Justin Levens and his wife -- discovered shot in bed in their Laguna Niguel condominium -- as a possible murder-suicide, with Levens as the potential the shooter.

Justin Levens, 28, and Sara McLean-Levens, 25, were discovered about 2:30 p.m. Wednesday by McLean-Levens' mother, who had not heard from her daughter in five days, said Orange County Sheriff's Department Spokesman Jim Amormino. The bodies had apparently been in the home for at least a few days.

Autopsies are being performed this morning, in addition to ballistics and residue testing, Amormino said. No suicide note was found, but investigators recovered a handgun at the scene.
"Nothing has been ruled out," Amormino said of the case.

Levens was convicted in 2003 of spousal injury, according to Orange County Superior Court records.

He was a former Ultimate Fighting Championship and World Extreme Cagefighting participant, but hadn't fought since 2006. One of his losses that year was to Evan Tanner, who died on a desert trip this year.

Levens went on to fight in the defunct International Fight League, and MMA website reports his last fight came earlier this year in Lemoore.
Always when considering this type of fighter, aggressiveness, steroids, alcohol, and drugs should be considered. This report synthesized all including references to the homi-suicide of Chris Benoit and family. Interesting that the MMA competitors seem to meet untimely deaths, as noted in Levens's opponent and even teammate (look like fine upstanding citizens squaring off there below right).
Wrestling is a sport that has brutal action, and often an even more brutal aftermath for fighters. Mixed martial arts, which is becoming a powerful alternative to wrestling, appears to be no different. Drugs, steroids and a bad mental state outside the ring may be just as prominent in mixed martial arts. That may have been the case for former competitor Justin Levens, who is suspected to have killed himself after killing his wife.
According to, the murdered bodies of Justin Levens and his wife, Sarah McLean Levens, were found by Sarah's mother at their California home. Police are investigating that the likely cause of death was a murder-suicide committed by Justin Levens.

Levens was a competitor in the UFC and the International Fight League, although his career was on hold. Levens, after going 9-8 in his mixed martial art fighting career, was suspended from competition after testing positive for drugs in July.

Levens tested positive for oxymorphone, which has up to eight times the potency of morphine. He was suspended for six months and fined $1,000, but he was eligible to return to mixed martial arts in January 2009.

It is unclear if Levens, a veteran of the U.S. Navy and a Ruas Vale Tudo black belt holder, continued to use drugs and performance enhancements leading up to his death. But Levens has fallen into a huge stereotype of being a wrestler and martial arts performer who died of violent causes outside the ring.

Levens himself had a teammate named Jeremy Williams, who died of a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound in May 2007.

One of the most famous recent examples of a wrestler in a murder-suicide is Chris Benoit. In 2007, Benoit killed himself after killing his wife and son. Benoit was a former WWE wrestler who had brain damage after leaving the ring, and was suspected to be on steroids during the murders.

Tabloid Edition carries full references of the incident. Levens's nickname was The Executioner, which ends up being pretty eerie. Here is a quote from his facebook entry:

"through the destruction of our we earn our salvation"
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