Saturday, November 01, 2008


It's been a while since you could buy any official Def Leppard calendars, and it's been even longer since the band released their first (and only) official book "ANIMAL INSTINCT" (1996's "NONE MORE BLACK" photo book was only released in Japan)…..but that is about to change really soon!

In the next few weeks, will start taking orders for "SHOTS FROM THE SPARKLE TOUR", a unique and luxury coffee table book that should be in every true Def Leppard fan's collection! Containing 80 pages of app 300 never-before-seen photos taken during their record-breaking "SONGS FROM THE SPARKLE LOUNGE" Tour, this book gives you an insight on what life on the road with Def Leppard is all about.
All photos are taken by photographer Ash Newell and do not only show Def Leppard doing what they do best on stage, but also show the band and their crew backstage and in other candid environments.

This exclusive book, sized 12"x12", is the perfect gift for any Def Leppard fan and will not be availabe in any shops! It can only be ordered through 500 Deluxe Editions will be printed with 250 personally signed by the band. After these 500 sell out, "standard" editions will be available.

Exact pricing info is not yet available but will be posted here as soon as we accept orders. Furthermore, members of the Def Leppard Fan Club (of which the Fan Club will be relaunched very soon as well) will get access to the presales of the book, for which 100 signed editions have been reserved. "SHOTS FROM THE SPARKLE TOUR" promises to be just as much a rare collectible as the 1992-released "ADRENALIZE MAHOGANY BOX" is nowadays, so make sure you get your copy before it's too late.

Furthermore, the band will also release a 2009 calendar! Ordering and pricing info is not yet available for this great item either, but it will consist 12 pages full of live photos, so every month of the year you'll get a fresh new Leppard thing to look at. The Def Leppard 2009 calendar will also only be available through
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