Thursday, October 09, 2008


NHL is plugging the heck out of the "Face-Off Rocks" promotion,'s main page has Def Leppard's "C'mon C'mon" video embedded into the first story that pops up (embedded content good, embedded content with no link bad), Brian Compton has a special blog dedicated to the "Face-Off Rocks" campaign, and Compton asked the Wings about their take on the show:

October 8, "There's a lot of traditionalists that don't want to mess with anything, and I'm kind of one of those to a certain degree," Maltby said. "At the same time, I realize you have to move forward in every aspect of the game, whether it's rule changes, uniforms or the way you kick off the season. You try to draw new people in and keep people interested. It's just another thing. As much as somebody might love hockey, you don't want to see the same thing day in and day out."
Maltby admitted he's not a big fan of today's music and is very appreciative that it will be Def Leppard - which has sold more than 65 million albums worldwide - kicking off the 2008-09 NHL season in North America. Grammy-award winning Alanis Morissette will also be taking part in the event via satellite from Montreal.

"I grew up a big Def Leppard fan," Maltby said. "That whole genre of music, it kind of went away and now it's come back. I really enjoy it, because a lot of today's music doesn't do it for me. I'm glad they kind of went old-school."

McCarty, who is nursing a groin injury, won't be on the ice with the Wings tomorrow night. He said he may head over at some point to the Fox Theatre to check out what will definitely be a raucous atmosphere.

"They're still kicking it hard," said McCarty, who attended a Def Leppard concert during the off-season. "I think rock and roll and hockey go together really well. It's really cool to be associated with these guys."

The identity of the Wings' resident "Guitar Hero," however, might surprise you:

"Derek Meech. He's sick," McCarty gushed. "Did you ever play that 'Rock Band'? It's sick. A lot of the younger guys play. We've got it at home for the Wii. I play with my kids. That's what it's all about. We're the Mac Attack."
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