Sunday, October 05, 2008


Prior to Saturday night, only the most hardcore mixed-martial-arts fans had any idea who Seth Petruzelli was. That all changed 14 seconds into his showdown with Kimbo Slice at Elite XC: Heat.

Petruzelli (11-4), who was a last-minute replacement for MMA legend Ken Shamrock against Slice (3-1), took advantage of his opportunity of a lifetime. Just second in, he scored with a front kick on an incoming Slice and followed it up with a lightning-quick right hand that knocked Slice to the mat. Realizing he had the much-bigger Slice in trouble, Petruzelli pounced, firing off a dozen unanswered shots before referee Troy Waugh stopped the bout at the 14-second mark.

Petruzelli's previous biggest MMA claim to fame was his appearance on Season 2 of The Ultimate Fighter reality show. Now, however, he has much more to brag about - a win over one of the most recognized MMA fighters in the world, although one whose skill isn't equal to his fame.

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