Sunday, October 26, 2008


This feature is self-explanatory. The biggest news item of the week goes here, duh!

EliteXC shuts down it's doors

Is this really "the biggest news of the week", or "the biggest DUH of the week"? I mean, EliteXC was literally handing out money to anybody who wanted it. EliteXC put all of their money in this ginormous pot named "Kimbo Slice" and what happened? It was a mess. Oh, you mean a guy who has been training MMA for like 3 seconds can't defeat everyone in the sport? Shocking~! Hopefully other MMA promotion's will learn from this and realize that it takes more than "street fighting" skills to be able to hang with most of the fighters in MMA. EliteXC basically banking their whole promotion on Kimbo Slice was just plain retarded. Not to mention they paid Kimbo $500,000 to kiss the mat at EliteXC "Heat". What?!?! Seriously!?!?! $500,000?!?! Gee, it's a freaking puzzle as to why these guy's went out of business.

I would like to see the UFC pick up Jake Shields, Antonio Silva (when he's available), Robbie Lawler and perhaps Brett Rogers. I'd like to see Affliction add Gina Carano, Cyborg Santos (DUH!), Nick Diaz, Scott Smith, & Kimbo Slice. WHAT?!? Did I just say I wanted Affliction to add Kimbo Slice? Yes I did, now hear me out. If Slice wanted to fight for Affliction at a cheap price (definitely not in the $100,000 range) then I would totally do it if I were them. You could have one potential huge fight for Kimbo.....say Kimbo vs. Fedor (HAHAHA!) and you know people would pay to see Kimbo fight the #1 heavyweight in the World, even if it was for just 8 seconds. Oh man....I love Imaginary Land.

I guess we should all say our goodbyes to Jared "$kala" Shaw, Gary Shaw, and all the other window lickers who ran EliteXC straight into the ground. Pro was nice knowing you.
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