Sunday, August 10, 2008

UFC 87

My lead source besides me watching it live on PPV were MMAExtreme those guys were first with the results ... heres how it went ...
Georges St. Pierre defeats Jon Fitch via unanimous decision
Brock Lesnar defeats Heath Herring via Unanimous Decision
Robert “Rich Boy Wannabe Thug” Emerson defeats Manvel Gamburyan via strikes in round 1
Kenny Florian defeats Roger Huerta by unanimous decision (domination)
Cheick Kongo defeats Dan Evenson via TKO round 1
Demian Maia defeats Jason McDonald by submission in round 3
Tamdan McCrory defeats Luke Cummo via unanimous decision
Jon Jones defeats Andre Gusmao via unanimous decision
Chris Wilson defeats Steve Bruno via unanimous decision
Ben Saunders defeats Ryan Thomas via Armbar in round 2
Now, my thoughts. Referee Steve Miragliotta still sucks beyond belief. Did he really poke Heath Herring in the eye during the staredown? Give me a break, Miragliotta, how does it feel to be known as the shittiest ref in the sport? In all fairness, I didn’t see the actual eyepoke, I just saw Herring turn away from him, I said “what happened” and then I heard Rogan and Goldberg talking about Dan Miragliotta poking Heath Herring in the eye. WTF.

Also, I noticed Goldberg is keeping more stats on the fighters now. For instance, tonight I learned nobody has ever passed Jon Fitch’s guard in the UFC (prior to tonights fight). Also, GSP has a 80% takedown rate. I think Goldberg even mentioned a takedown defense percentage. Kinda interesting stuff I guess.

Kenny Florian put on a technical clinic for Roger Huerta, and in my opinion, totally dominated the fight.

Brock Lesnar is a giant LNP machine. Ok, maybe thats unfair of me to say, after all, he did try to crush Heath Herring’s ribcage with knees, and he punches like a mule kicks, but was still unable to finish Herring. Props to Herring for being a tough SOB.

I was really hoping to see Manvel Gamburyan break off one of Rob Emerson’s limbs, but oh well, Emerson KO’d him in like 12 seconds. In case you’re not aware, Robert Emerson is the spoiled little rich kid who gangs up on innocent people at gas stations, with 12 of his friends.
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