Friday, July 18, 2008


With the recent reporting on the (so-called) war of words between Def Leppard's Joe Elliott and Poison's Bret Michaels and Rikki Rockett, a new chapter has been added with another rebuttal from Joe

Now, before everyone takes this 'situation' a little TOO seriously, please be aware that this is all light-hearted banter, with no serious insult intended.....

For those who have missed the story, let's do a quick recap first. During a recent press conference in Sweden, Joe made some remarks about LA glam bands (including Poison) and his views on their priorities regarding image and music (more details at Blabbermouth).

Poison singer Bret Michaels responded to Joe's comments the day after, defending his own band and adding a few attacks directed at Def Leppard in the process -- most notably Leppard's recent performance on Dancing With The Stars, where the band didn't play live (for videos of both press conferences, see the video below:

Following that, Poison drummer Rikki Rockett was less subtle than his bandmate Michaels, when earlier this week he responded to Joe's comments on his MySpace blog. Among the jabs aimed at Def Leppard and Joe, Rockett's blog included the accusation that a Def Leppard live show is a "pre-programmed, Mutt Lang live record" (sic), while he also tried to set the record straight by telling Joe he should have used the term GLITTER rock and not GLAM rock - that was supposedly a term for 80s bands, not for artists like Bowie and T.Rex.

And so, for your entertainment, here is another one of Joe's responses.....!

"Whoah boys, slow down!!!

"Well, Brett has a point, we DID lip-synch on Dancing With The Stars.....absolutely.....a show they'd love to be on no doubt! But it was two-fold. One, the nature of the show didn't lean towards a full live performance, too many restrictions, so we lip synched - the way ALL artists do when they shoot videos (and the same as we did on American Bandstand 25 years ago, and every time we did Top Of The Pops, dozens of times, so to us Englishmen, it's no big deal). Two, I had a severe respritory infection, as highlighted by my croaking through the (absolutely 100% live!) Ellen Show performance the day before! My throat doctor (Dr. Sugarman, possibly Brett's doctor too!) advised me NOT to sing for a week, but these shows were all on the week our new album was released, so canceling wasn't an option.....hence my rather again croaky performance on Live With Jimmy Kimmel the next night!

"I was simply making the following simple point when I said a lot of those Hollywood bands weren't "real" (or whatever I said)..... I was born Joseph Elliott, Sav was born Richard Savage, Rick was born Richard Allen, Phil was born Philip Collen, Viv was born Vivian Campbell, and oh, Steve was born Stephen Clark. I don't think anyone in Poison uses their real name, do they? And I could name hundreds of others who don't, but Poison came to mind because I was asked about them! It's nothing personal, it was just an answer to a question.

"As for being "crucified" for lip synching, one DJ on KLOS doesn't worry me, however, a top 5 entry in the Billboard album chart the week after and very healthy ticket sales seems to lean towards the fact that most of our fans knew that I was sick and that I "took one for the team" as it were.

Calm down boys, you've heard worse, no?!

"Hey.....Rikki implies we're miming on tour?! HA!!! Well, he's welcome to come see us anytime he wants... Obviously not used to hearing a good band very often then is he?? :)

"Also, glitter rock may well have been re-christened in the 80's by er, someone in Hollywood, but trust me, I WAS THERE in 1972 in the UK, when Bowie, Bolan, Slade, Sweet etc..... ruled with GLAM ROCK! Check out some old mags and you'll see for yourself. I'm no historian, just a big fan, but sorry Rikki (excuse me if I've spelled that wrong though!), you're wrong here mate....very wrong! As you might say yourself, chill dude, just shootin' the shit.....!

"PS: Rikki -- John Lennon is dead, in case no one told you..... And 'Elliott' is spelled with 2 'T's....."

All light-hearted banter there for ya!
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