Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Who knew that UFC stood for Underage Free Children?

It’s the only thing that could explain why Michael Jackson was spotted in Las Vegas on Saturday at the Ultimate Fighting Championship event.

According to TMZ.com, Jacko rolled up in a wheelchair just before Tito Ortiz’s last match in the UFC.

Were the legs not working, Mike?

Granted, anyone who has stayed at the MGM Grand can tell you that walking to the Grand Garden Arena is like walking to Reno, but an wheelchair??

Mike, Mike, Mike….

Where did Papa Joe go wrong with you?

Could you imagine Jacko popping up at other sporting events?

Like if ABC were scanning the crowd for celebrities at Staples Center during the NBA Finals and Michael Jackson popped up on your television.

Jacko rubbing elbows with David Beckham and Jack Nicholson while wearing a purple and gold veil.

How great would that be?
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