Monday, May 26, 2008


DEF LEPPARD frontman Joe Elliott recently spoke to the UK's Times Online about the secret to the group's continued success.

"Everyone's gotta get old," Elliott said. "What we do is extremely physical. Can you imagine someone of 48 in the Premiership? We're still in the Premiership. But you've gotta be sensible if you want to stop it from falling apart. Diet's the thing. I had a bowl of soup when I got here."

He added, "In five years time I'll be 53. Will we still be together? Yes. I mean, I don't know whether it's because we're scared shitless of things falling apart. We come from a working-class background where [adopts old-man Yorkshire drawl] 'You've got one chance, son, take it while you can or you're back to the factory.' So this [he gestures to the empty stage] becomes the Holy Grail and you've gotta cling on to it, baby. But if it all fell apart tomorrow I'm not gonna burst into tears. I'd look at it and I'd go, 'Well, we've won.' Because we got this far. And that's way further than most. I mean, what's better than rock 'n' roll? Exactly. Nothing."
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