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Def Leppard To Tour Well Into 2009

Def Leppard Songs The Sparkle Lounge Tour 2008.

Def Leppard lead singer Joe Elliott revealed that the band's world tour could last well into 2009. Joe was speaking during an interview with Virgin Radio's Classic Rock station in the UK along with Phil Collen. They also revealed some details of the next album including at least two new tracks. And that the album could be done in the same way as the Sparkle Lounge.

Interview Highlights:

Phil Collen - "World tour actually - we keep getting these additions to it like South America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand. We've gotta go back to the States. We've gotta fill in the dates we cancelled - Canada."

Joe Elliott - "India we've had to move cause of the elections. We were due to go to India next week but apparently they're not allowed gatherings of more than 15 people! So us and the cricket is off apparently. So that's been shifted so we've got seven weeks in Europe starting 21st May. That's Europe and England obviously and Scotland. Ireland as well. And then we've got the make up gigs in America and Canada that we had to cancel. And then after that I think we've got Japan, New Zealand, Australia, South America."

Joe Elliott - "It's probably gonna go well into next year. Actually I've got a feeling that by the time next summer comes along we'll either be doing some kind of festival thing over here or we're back to the States doing more of those enormodomes."

Joe Elliott - "To us it's just an ongoing thing we're the hamster in the wheel that just keeps going round - it is literally tour/album, tour/album, tour/album that's what we do you know. Until we get really sick of it that's what we will do. We love the idea of making new music. We won't be a nostalgia act. You won't find us going out on tour year in year out when there's no new music. Cos I think it would drive us up the wall. As long as we can stay relevant and the only way to do that is to keep putting new music out and we've just got to reinvent the wheel when it comes to how important the new music is. We probably haven't written our best song yet. That's the way we have to look at it."

Phil Collen - "I think we could have a Sparkle Lounge Two. Because actually there was one track we didn't quite finish. But we got all the backing track done and I think there's a melody...." (DJ asked about a YEAH! part two.)

Joe Elliott - "We just ran out of time - it's like you can either put this record out now or we can labour over this song. It's like let's labour over it on the next album. I mean every record we've ever made has got a leftover from the year before and every band does that. 'Photograph' was something that didn't get finished on High 'n' Dry but nobody else knew that except us. So I'm letting the cat out of the bag but you know it's up to us to be able to say oh it's an old one - it's only a year old and it's not finished so it's still new cos it's a work-in-progress. We've got two or three little things like that."

Phil Collen - "Yeah we had a song we started with Mutt as well and we haven't finished that off either. So I think the way we did Sparkle Lounge is definitely the way to go cos it's keeps you - it's fun and inspiring. And you don't get bored and you actually know what the directions going to be cos you're there on tour. It's great."

Joe Elliott - "And there's more variety because we've all learnt how to write a song over the years. So it's kinda like the way Queen used to do stuff. If you've got the two Roger songs, two Brian, two Freddie's, two John Deacon's."

This is the first mention of New Zealand by a band member and 2009 touring - no mention of China this time. In a recent interview Vivian mentioned touring up to December and taking a break in 2009. This could well happen with touring starting again in the summer.

+ From the Sunday Night Live Show (Joe/Phil recorded Interview)

DJ Ben Jones - "Will you entertain the idea of doing some festivals in the UK next summer? I don't think you're down for any this year.I would love to see Def Leppard at the Isle Of Wight Festival, at the V Festival. I think you'd go down a storm."

Joe Elliott - "Absolutely. If 90,000 people agree with you we'd be the first to turn up. You know it's one of those things unless we've organised our own Lep fest. Like the Ozzfest or the Crue Fest which apparently is happening this year. You have to be invited on. It's as simple as that."

Phil Collen - "We'd love to."

DJ Ben Jones - "I'll speak to people, I'm inviting you now!."

Joe Elliott - "I think there's a way to make it work if Tony Bennet can do Glastonbury, we should be able to play the Isle Of Wight!."

DJ Ben Jones - "It's like going on holiday as well when you go across the Solent and there you are right on the beach. It's lovely."

Phil Collen - "When is that exactly?."

DJ Ben Jones - "It's in June. I mean you're busy this year..."

Joe Elliott - "Well if it's not the Isle Of Wight there's Download, we can do our own but you know the thing is this tour will go into next summer there's no doubt."

DJ Ben Jones - "Well entertain the idea for festivals."

Phil Collen - "Love to, yeah - get it going!."

Joe Elliott - "We've got the British tour, we've got America again, we've got Europe for seven weeks, we've got the Far East and Japan, Australia and New Zealand. That's gonna take us into early next year. Then we'll probably take a couple of months off, just because. And then we've got the summer to see what happens but..."

DJ Ben Jones - "I'm thinking about stuff already."

Joe Elliott - "We like the idea of that."

But do their management?...
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