Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Tommy Lee and Kid Rock To Settle Their Beef In The Octagon
posted Tuesday, April 1, 2008 at 09:51:46 AM by deathbringer.

In an obvious move to draw viewers to the rising sport, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) owner and president Dana White has announced that Tommy Lee and Kid Rock will settle their beef once and for all in the Octagon in a free televised event on Spike TV. The fight is to take place this Wednesday, April 2 in Broomfield, CO as part of Spike TV's UFC Fight night, which preceeds the kick-off of a new season of the MMA reality show, The Ultimate Fighter.

Kid Rock and Tommy Lee weren't too interested when Las Vegas entertainment maven Jeff Beacher offered them $1 million to settle their feud with a winner-take-all boxing match. They didn't even bite when he upped the pot to $5 million. But Spike TV and the UFC have reportedly offered the rockers 10 million dollars each for the one-off bout. The event is expected to garner massive ratings for Spike TV and introduce even more people to the world of MMA and UFC, and has been promoted to the main event of the evening.

UFC President Dana White commented: "You don't know how happy I am to finally get a public fight between these two on the air. We may not see any martial arts, but I think we will see a good old fashion down and dirty brawl, with both guys having so much pent up anger at each other. The sport has been growing, and is on the verge of an explosion, and this may just be the catalyst it needs."

The "fighters" (we use the term loosely) were given two week's notice for the fight, and the entire UFC organization has remained tight-lipped about the event until now.

Rock and Lee got into fisticuffs during the VMAs in Vegas last September, fighting over their mutual ex, Pamela Anderson.
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