Monday, March 31, 2008

WHATS BEEN GOING ON WITH "EL GUAPO" BAS RUTTEN,Lots of stuff going on in the crazy world from El Guapo, I have been
traveling a lot.
Last weekend I was in Vegas for the IFL, back and the
next day to NY for a meeting, next day back and I shot the Inside MMA
show, now I am in the plane to Mexico for a wedding of one of my
friends, some breathing time in the home of El Guapo.
When I come back I shoot another episode of Inside MMA, the next day a
whole day filming for the new infomercial that I am coming out with, day
later to Tulsa to attend an HD Net MMA show and do a seminar at Dale
Cook's school (great guy), from there to Boston to shoot an opening
scene for Kevin James's new movie, I play a drill instructor, small
part, couldn't take a bigger one due to my schedule.
Back from Boston
and another episode of Inside MMA and so it goes on and on in my life.
I am blessed lately with everything so although I am busy, you won't
hear me complaining.
How many people have their hobby as profession,
good stuff.
Concentrating on my Bas Rutten MMA system courses that I teach.
God for my head instructor Oneness Fish who helps me out tremendously
with this.
If you are interested to become an instructor, please find
his contact on my website.
The course is tough, I am not "selling" my system.
We did not have many
people pass the first time but when everybody saw that I meant business
they stepped up and the next test was way better and only a few didn't
make it.
Meaning, everybody can do it! If you are a blue belt with me,
you are already going to be really good, and I mean, REALLY good!
I will teach you everything that has to do with MMA, even how to tread
cuts, wrap hands, you name it.
Apparently the NatGeo episode was seen by a lot of people, I had great
The kick to the dummy was great to measure the impact, I
wished I could have trained for it because I think I can do way better,
it was all technique now and less power.
I didn't kick for a long time
because of my knees.
Again, if you want to know exactly how to kick like that, or hit, I go
in dept about that in my courses.
Kimbo is getting better and better, for the people who think that he
doesn't train ground, HELLO, you are talking to me.
You think I let him
make the same mistakes that I did? Of course not.
So he trains ground
too and I am sure it will be shown once one of his next fights goes to
the ground.

The IFL is looking great, new teams coming in, individual matches, live
on TV, let's shoot for a great year.
If you never checked out "Inside MMA" on HD Net, please do so on Friday
It’s a great show and a lot of fun to do, we have great guests
on top of that.
If you don't have a high def TV, get one, I don't know if you ever
watched HD, it’s a whole new world and I believe soon everybody will go
over to HD, why? Because it’s the future.
You can see the individual
hairs on people's head, it’s that sharp!
OK, just checked into my hotel, like El Guapo always says; Godspeed and
party on!

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