Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well it was just a matter of time until more news on this huge story broke and here it is. Seems world famous boxing promoter Don King has stepped forward and offered to promote a boxing match between Roy Jones Jr. and Anderson Silva. It seems like Don King has contacted the UFC and made the offer rather then approaching Silva himself, which is probably a good idea because Dana White is bound to be fairly strict on how and where this fight will go down.

With the worlds biggest boxing promoter trying to get this fight to happen it seems like it’s only a matter of time now. There are really only two things that stand in the way of this fight happening. One, Roy backing out due to a pay cut in his match, boxers are paid a amazing amount of money for their fights especially when they are of Jones Calibre. It’s doubtful this would be an issue though because everyone is predicting this to be the biggest PPV event of all time. The other thing potentially standing in the way of the fight happening is Dana White and the UFC, he may be a bit wary of co promoting and dealing with all the problems that come with it, considering the headache that was the pride buyout. More information on this story as it develops.
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