Saturday, March 29, 2008


UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson was a guest on the Opie and Anthony show today. Quinton has been on the show before and has good chemistry with the boys.

I did my best to transcribe some of the interview. It’s paraphrased, but not exaggerated. Quinton discussed the following topics with the boys: “The Ultimate Fighter: 8” , Chuck Liddell, Wanderlei Silva, Brock Lesnar, Kimbo Slice, getting into fighting shape, and the shady operations of now defunct Pride organization.

Quinton mentioned he was out of shape, probably because he has been filming “The Ultimate Fighter 8” show . He mentioned that if he had to get into fighting shape, he could do it in 8 weeks flat while training around five and a half hours a day.

On being a fan friendly fighter:

After the fight where I knocked Chuck out, I got booed. I was devastated. I am a fan friendly fighter. I noticed after that fight [the Liddell fight] I wasn’t that fan friendly to American fans anymore. I’ve always been an international fighter because I fought in Japan and have been more friend family over there

Jim Norton brings up the topic of fighter styles, and how Rampage lost to Wanderlei Silva two times in Pride.
Rampage made some interesting comments about Pride. He starts of by stating that “he doesn’t know” how much he can say, but he makes suggestions about referees favoring fighters to induce desirable outcomes.

I think that if I fought Wanderlei Silva in the UFC I would have beat him. Wanderlei was the chuck Liddell of Pride. If you were beating Wanderlei on the ground, the referee’s would stand you right up. It happened to me. It happened to other fighters that fought him.

Interesting note. I’d like to go back to some of Wanderlei’s fights to watch for this.

Rampage goes on about potential shady goings on during his stint in Pride:

It’s tougher to fight in Pride . The UFC is ran by regular people… Pride wasn’t. I don’t know how much I can say. The UFC is real. The referee can kind of alter the fight in Pride.

He also mentions how the Japanese government, or “other” powerful organizations, might have favored certain fighters. The Yakuza? Who knows.

More on Wanderlei Silva:

Me and Silva don’t even talk to each other. Silva is the type of guy that thinks everyone should be afraid of him. The way I react around him is different. I am not afraid of Wanderlei Silva. They call him “The Axe Murder” because he destroys people in his fights. They threw him chumps and he murdered them. Look at his record of guys he fought. This guy is “The Chump Murderer”. I speak my mind around him and he looks at me all crazy like I shouldn’t be saying that. I think some of the referees took payoffs in Pride. In Japan, I promise you something was up.

On Kimbo Slice:

I heard Kimbo Slice is calling me out. Hold on dawg, you aren’t even in my weight class! You don’t even fight in my organization! Why don’t you call out the heavyweight champion?

On pro wrestlers and Brock Lesnar:

I think that it’s good that pro wrestlers can come over and do some real stuff. Brock Lesnar came and didn’t bring and WWE with him. He didn’t act a fool or nothing like that. He did a good job, he almost finished Mir.

Interesting side notes: – Says to look out for the “purple nurple” in his next fight, a title defense against Forrest Griffin – Was not the slightest bit phased by the infamous video “Two girls one cup” – Rampage thinks the video is fake.
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