Saturday, March 15, 2008


Todd Yeakle from says the debut of DREAM.1 wasn’t televised in the US, you can look forward to watching the rest of the DREAM events in 2008, live and in high definition.

The director of FEGUSA, Mike Kogan, informed Sherdog on Friday that FEG (Fight Entertainment Group) and Mark Cuban’s HDNet are very close to sealing a deal that would televise a total of six DREAM events from Japan in 2008.

For those of you who missed the DREAM.1 Lightweight Grand Prix don’t fret. If everything goes through with the deal, a delayed broadcast of DREAM.1 could air next week. The next event to air on the high definition network will be DREAM.2 on April 29 featuring the first round of the much anticipated Middleweight Grand Prix. All future events should be "near live" according to Kogan. Although the deal has not been officially signed yet, Kogan says that it is very close to being finalized and that the most important aspects of the deal are already agreed upon.

HDNet is already a huge player in the field of mixed martial arts promotion and is scheduled to air at least 24 live events in 2008. HDNet continues to grow and recently partnered with Strikeforce to air four events during 2008. Other partners that have been acquired by the network include Maximum Fighting Championships and the International Fight League.

HDNet also recently got involved with the UFC / Randy Couture debacle which has grown into a full fledged circus act over the past few months. HDNet sued Zuffa in February and signed Couture to a deal that will begin when his UFC contract expires. Mark Cuban’s plan is to promote a fight between "The Natural" and of course "The Last Emperor" Fedor Emelianenko. The earliest the fight could take place would be in the fall.

I will keep you updated on further details. Don’t go far, more MMA news is on the way!
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