Sunday, January 06, 2008

TITO vs MACHIDA???? MAYBE .......

That’s the scoop according Ed Soares, the manager for Lyoto Machida, has confirmed to that Ultimate Fighting Championship officials have offered the Brazilian a fight against former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz.

According to Soares, Machida has accepted the fight and at this point, they are waiting to find out if Ortiz will accept the bout.

“It would be an honor to fight such a legend as Tito Ortiz,” said Machida. “I would like to see how my technique matches up against his.”

This is a fight that is fitting for both men at this point in their careers. A win against Ortiz would legitimize Machida as a true contender for the 205 lb. crown in the UFC. A win against Machida for Ortiz solidifies his status as one of the world’s best 205 lb. fighters in a crowded division of contenders.

Machida sounds like he definitely wants the fight but the big question mark is the unreliable Ortiz. One would have to think that Ortiz would be more than happy to fight Machida, a guy who is quickly making his way up the ranks. A win over a guy like that could quickstart a comeback for Ortiz. Either way, this match is very quality matchmaking by Joe Silva and a perfect matchup considering where the light heavyweight division stands as of right now.
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