Monday, January 14, 2008


Last week, a new Web site popped up — — with the distinct images of two MMA legends: Frank Shamrock and Ken Shamrock. The longtime MMA fighters and adoptive brothers were shown chin-to-chin, complete with menacing looks. Any fan of combat sports has seen the trademark pose used in event posters for as long as fighters have been punching either for sport.
Besides the two photos, the title "Blood Brothers: Frank Shamrock vs. Ken Shamrock," and a clock that ticks down to a December date, we're told little else.

So, what does it all mean? Is a brother vs. brother mega-fight really in the works?

As it stands, neither fighter is saying much. Frank couldn't be reached for comment, and a representative from Ken's camp is "checking into it." Both appear tight-lipped about the matter, and no information seems forthcoming.

Could this all be a calculated move — meant to further hype the pending bout?

Honestly, with these two fighters — both of whom are savvy showmen and self-promoters who have mastered the art of marketing feuds — anything is possible.

Ken, 43, is really Kenneth Wayne Kilpatrick; Frank, 35, was born Frank Alisio Juarez III. Both men turned around tough childhoods when they were taken in by Bob Shamrock, who provided a home for troubled boys at his California-based Shamrock Ranch. Bob adopted the two loners and created a family.

Ken and Frank both legally took Bob's last name in honor of their adoptive dad.

However, the two brothers would eventually have a falling out just as their illustrious careers bloomed.

During past interviews, both fighters have said they're open to the idea of fighting each other.

But is the public ready for it?

MMA's journey into mainstream acceptance has been a slow and steady climb. It took the implementation of new rules designed around fighter safety, working with state commissions who would sanction MMA, and an overhaul of the way the sport was marketed to the masses.

With the Ultimate Fighting Championship leading the charge, the sport was, in fact, cleaned up. Millions of fans soon followed.

But will they stick around for a fight featuring brother vs. brother?

Perhaps we'll find out in December.

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