Monday, December 31, 2007


WellI didn't realize he was this fuckin big.....FEDOR EMELIANENKO Q: What is your impression of Choi? FE: He's big.

Q: Do you think your punches would reach his face given his height?
FE: I'll have to get in the ring to know that.

Q: Do you have any plans on changing your strategy due to his size? FE: No. I'm going to fight like I trained for in Russia.

Q: Is he bigger than you had expected? FE: He's as big as I had imagined; He wasn't bigger than I'd expected. He smiled at me but I know he'll do his best to beat me once he gets in the ring.

Q: Do you expect any problems with the height disadvantage? FE: No, I don't expect any problems.

Qo you think you will be able to take him down? FE: I won't know without actually fighting him. I might keep the fight standing and make it a striking bout.

Q: What is your impression of K-1 and Yarennoka's collaboration for this event? FE: I've fought fighters who fought in K-1 like Semmy Schilt and Gary Goodridge so I don't feel any different about it.

Q: K-1 Dynamite, Yarennoka, and UFC are all held on December 31. Do you think you are the main attraction for this day? FE: I hope so. I trained to be the main fighter, and I want to give a good showing that would make the fans happy.
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