Sunday, August 06, 2006


According to a report out by Steve Sievert of The Houston Chronicle, The UFC (Ultimate Fighting) has some new plans. Those plans are to host an event and expand into Texas.
The Houston Chronicle quotes Marc Ratner (the ex executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission who recently joined UFC in May) sayong: "We have plans for either Houston or Dallas in early 2007.
Texas is a hotbed for mixed martial arts. We have to find the right time for it, but we are definitely going to bring a show to Texas."
Ratner added: "Expanding to Texas is a natural. Houston and Dallas are major-league cities. When you look at the pay-per-view numbers, there is a big contingent of people who buy out of the state of Texas. To really grow the sport, we don't want to be regionalized in Las Vegas or California. Our goal is to bring it to the Southwest and then the Northeast. We'll have over 20 events next year."
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