Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Major UFC vs. PRIDE Show On PPV?, Liddell/Silva, & Much More

More On Vanderlei Silva In UFC, Relationship With PRIDEBy MMANews.com
As announced during the UFC 61 "Bitter Rivals" pay-per view telecast this past Saturday night, UFC president Dana White confirmed Vanderlei Silva will fight for the company. They claim if Chuck Liddell beats Renato "Babalu" Sobral at UFC 62, they will make the MMA dream match, champion versus champion, for November.
Apparently there is a deal in place already, and Silva has as many as three fights in the UFC.
There is a lot more to this one than you would think, as PRIDE has their drama going on in Japan with the Fuji TV/Yakuza scandal, and they're about to debut in the United States in October, literally one week after that month's UFC show (which is also in Las Vegas). Obviously this has something to do with the two mega-MMA companies working together now.
PRIDE Confirms Fujita To Fight In UFC In NovemberBy MMANews.com
According to the official Japanese website of PRIDE, Kazuyuki Fujita will be making his UFC debut in the Heavyweight division this coming November.
PrideOfficial.com reports Fujita will be making his debut for the American-based MMA organization against an unknown opponent at this time, on the same card that the PRIDE 205 lb. champion Vanderlei Silva will meet UFC 205 lb. champion Chuck Liddell (if Liddell gets past Renato Sobral in September).
According to the article, Fujita himself has confirmed his scheduled upcoming participation with the Ultimate Fighting Championship event in Las Vegas, Nevada this coming November.
Phil Baroni To Fight For UFC In November As WellBy MMANews.com
Former UFC Middleweight and current PRIDE Bushido fighter "The New York Bad Ass" Phil Baroni recently revealed that he will as well be part of the upcoming November UFC card in Las Vegas.
Other PRIDE fighters that are confirmed are Vanderlei Silva (fighting Chuck Liddell if he gets past Renato Sobral in September), and earlier today it was rumored that Kazuyuki Fujita will also be fighting on the same card against a yet-to-be-announced UFC Heavyweight.
Now Baroni, in a post on The Underground MMA forum at MMA.tv, claims he'll be on the November card as well against "a top UFC Middleweight."
Looks like we've got a bit of a UFC vs. PRIDE card in the works. If these three fights come off, it would only take two more to fill up an actual PPV-televised card consisting of all UFC versus PRIDE bouts.
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