Monday, July 10, 2006


Some post-fight notes and quotes:
Tito Ortiz: "I was three elbows away from finishing him off. I dominated the fight. I think there's no question I won … Maybe next time, if you thought the fight was stopped short, next time you can bring a stretcher and a bunch of doctors and we can have the first death in the history of UFC. Is that what you want?"
Ortiz, on making grave-digging gestures after the fight: "After the first fight, I was respectful to him, and he basically spit in my face. Then after Ultimate Fighter he basically bumped into me with his shoulder, like something out of junior high. He said he was praying to God. I never heard that from him before. Did God have mercy on his soul? I guess, since they stopped the fight quick."
Dana White, on the stoppage of the Ortiz-Shamrock fight: "You have to remember the referees have two people's lives in their hands every time they step into the octagon. Even if I don't necessarily agree with their call, I respect their judgment."
Tim Sylvia: "Andrei has always fed off of being the big bully. I don't think he knows how to react when someone stands up to him. It was like someone standing up to the bully." As for whether the fight was considered boring: "I'm a standup fighter. I'm going to fight my game. I'm not going to go for a shoot."
Dana White was a bit vague in talking about the Wanderlai Silva-Chuck Liddell fight, saying he'd have more details next week. He did say Silva is contracted for three fights and that UFC will be able to use PRIDE footage to promote the show.
When asked about PRIDE, Sylvia said: "Bring 'em on. All I ever hear about is people b---ing that the UFC heavyweight division is weak. I want to take on Fedor, I want Cro Cop, I want Sapp. Fedor has never fought someone my size who's primarily a standup fighter. I think this is great, bring it on."
Arlovski was taken to the hospital after the fight to stitch up his cuts; Shamrock did not show for the press conference.
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