Wednesday, July 05, 2006


We started this night with action from LEANDER MOMS taking a split decision over KEVIN POWELL..this was a good fight to start the night.
ADAM JOHNSON ( not pictured ) broke AARON KUSTERS NOSE and this fight was over in round 1 , good punches !
RYAN HANSON made CHASE BROMWELL tapout in round 1 in a submission grappling match.
Next our referee JOE JORDAN stops the fight due to strikes by KYLE FISHER over ERICH GRUETZMACHER.
MICHAEL MAY out grappled DAVID BROWN in another submission match we had.
Next ZACH BLASZCZYK took out in style CURT BUIS in their NHB match.
NEXT to last JOEY HENDERSON simply took one look at ROD MONTOYA after they entered the ring and said ..."you win " so ROD MONTOYA gets the win by way of forfiet,Rod wanted to throw down as he always does , sorry Rod maybe next week.
And the MAIN EVENT of the evening was our PRO MAIN event in which could only be judged as a DRAW between two tuff warriors in a boxing match between RYAN " DIRTY "ANTLE and MIKE " THE MASSIVE MEXICAN " PENA. Both mewn threw hards shots and took it to each other till the very end , at which point the score cards were even. Good job and congrats to both fighters ,RYAN will be fighting again in our newxt PRO FIGHT NIGHT in a NHB match against TROY ' THE PIT BULL " SALISBERRY.
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