Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Age: 39 Birthday: 10-28-1966 Hometown: Centerville, IA Fighting Out Of: Bad Seed Inc. Height: 6'2" Weight: 260 lbs. Record (W-L-D): 35-8-2 Bio: Bobby Hoffman is one punch away from beating any heavyweight in the world and has beat some of the best that the sport has to offer. In his eight year career Bobby has racked up an impressive resume. He is a UFC veteran and has held several heavyweight titles including: Extreme Challenge, Rings, and King of the Cage. Bobby is a wrestler at heart with granite fists and a high pain tolerance. This combination along with an intense will to win makes Hoffman a main attraction where ever he fights. Bobby began his career in Iowa but hasn't faught in his native state for a few years. Now he is back and excited to fight for Mainstream MMA's Heavyweight Title in his home state. ALSO Rod THE MEXICUTIONER Montoya ...who you know from our show MIDWEST KINGS OF THE RING will also be fighting ...lets support ROD !!
Age: 21 Birthday: 12-22-1984 Hometown: Columbus Junction Fighting Out Of: MFS and Midwest MMA Height: 5'11" Weight: 170 lbs. Record (W-L-D): 6-2-0 Bio: I have always been very competetive. I started wrestling in 5th grade and was an above average wrestler,not satisfied with my overall high school wrestling career I decided I needed to do something else to prove to myself I could compete with anybody if I was willing to push myself. I started boxing in Laramie Wyoming, then came back to Iowa and discovered MMA I started training at Militich and currently training with a few different teams throughout Iowa and Illinois. I am willing to do whatever it takes to be one of the best fighters in MMA and only time will tell how far I can elevate myself from where I stand now.

The Main Event of the evening will feature a heavyweight title bout between Chuck "The Reverand" Grigsby and Bobby "Bad Seed" Hoffman. Grigsby is returning with his undefeated record and impressive KO power that was proven in Mainstream MMA's The Calling. Some say that Grigsby hasn't truly been tested yet, but after he fights Bobby Hoffman this will be no more. If Grigsby can overcomes Hoffman this will legitimize his record, add a title to his resume, and prove that he is ready to compete at the highest level. Bobby Hoffman has a reputation that any fighter in the sport must respect if they are going to step in the cage with The Bad Seed. Bobby is back in Iowa after fighting and beating some of the best talent in the world. His experience and brawling style promises to match up well with Grigsby's precision striking and overwhelming size.

Mainstream MMA 3 - Inferno
(Saturday August 12, 2006) Doors open 6pm First Fight 8pm
Official Card
Main Event Heavyweight Title Bout 12. Chuck Grigsby vs. Bobby Hoffman
Co-Main Event Lightweight #1 Contender 11. John Owens vs. Vern Jefferson
Feature Bouts 10. Dennis Reed vs. Brian Green 9. Luke Johnson vs. Allen Hernandez 8. Mike Adams vs. Nick Marin
Undercard 7. Josh Howat vs. Paul York 6. Dan Hutton vs. Eldred Nunn 5. Rod Montoya vs.John Schwering 4. Aron Hingtgen vs. Tom Grubb 3. Mika Washington vs. Cyle Geertz 2. Nathan Kirby vs. TBD 1. Prentice Wolf vs. Sean Forbes
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