Thursday, July 20, 2006


The World Combat League, which has a team format (six members for each team including one woman, each in a different weight class), uses a format with one quick three-minute round that emphasizes aggressiveness and the technical aspects of combat.The new format, and a ring designed for better visibility, came from Norris' frustration with other fighting leagues like Ultimate Fighting Championship, where bouts take much longer. The World Combat League is "action at full throttle at all times. You don't really have time to go to the bathroom," Norris said."The fighters tend to pace themselves [in other events]," said Angel Huerta, a fighter with the Houston team, while the WCL penalizes passivity. "This is a sprint."The upstart league has eight teams, two of which are from Texas, and has organized only two events in the last year, but Norris is convinced of its potential. His stated goal is to make combat martial arts "the fourth- or fifth-biggest team sport in America. There are millions of martial arts practitioners."
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