Friday, June 30, 2006


First off our very own referee at the KINGS is being given an opportunity to goto the UFC - in less that 10 days he must get ready to fight Hermes Franca being replace for this fight was Roger Huerta . Good Luck Joe .
* Former UFC fighter Lightning Lee Murray has been arrested in Morocco in connection with England's largest cash heist. More than $100 million Cdn. was taken from the Securitas depot in Kent last February.
* King of the Cage promoter Keith Crawford has resigned from his post with the company to seek out greener pastures. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Keith. Best of luck.
"I'd really like to see Rich Franklin go up to light heavyweight," said retired UFC star Randy Couture.
"I think that would be a really good fight."
Franklin, the current middleweight (185 lbs.) champ walks around at light heavyweight (205 lbs.) size and cuts weight before his fights.
Franklin is a fan favourite and has built a solid record of 20 wins and one loss — better than Liddell's 18 and 3 record.
Both are good on their feet, both are good with their fists and both come from well-established fight camps.
Since Couture's departure from the sport after losing a title fight last February to Liddell, the dearth of qualified light-heavyweight challengers hasn't gone unnoticed.
Even UFC president Dana White recently admitted it's getting tough to find good contenders for Liddell.
Liddell will take on Renato 'Babalu' Sobral in a title fight in August.
But there aren't many in Vegas who'd be willing to take the longshot that journeyman Babalu will dethrone superstar Liddell.
The other man Couture thinks may stand a chance against Liddell is The Ultimate Fighter Season 3 coach Tito Ortiz.
"I think Tito (Ortiz) has the skill set to be hard on Chuck," said Couture.
"If he keeps his mind right, trains and finds a way to take Chuck down."
Taking Chuck down, as Couture himself will attest, is no easy feat
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