Sunday, April 30, 2006


Well here we are with another Thursday night fight report. The first match of the evening was Michael Bruce (not the club manager) taking on Tim McMeekan. Tim easily slipped around to take the back of Mike and make him tap by rear naked choke in the very first round.

Tony Cavallo was the winner of the second match of the evening against Adam Hass, after being worked over early by Tony from strikes,Adam was counted out as he failed to return to the fight halfway through the first round,victory went to Tony Cavallo

Jared " Pink Passion " Francis took the ever ready to fight Brandon Howlett on a suplex elevator ride to the tenth floor and rock his world, Brandon was stunned, but returned to his feet only to go for another high flying ride , at this point Jared was immediatley declaired the winner,those suplex moves proved to be too much for Brandon on this night ...hell I could'nt of handled them on any night ....damn!

Ryan Cook and Jake Cuzak entered the ring next and the fight ended in the first round as Ryan forced a move to Jakes back and got him with a rear naked choke.Jake has fought here before and I'm sure he'll be back for more.

In the final fight of the night waiting in the shadows , pacing all night from when he first got there Zach Streit was ready to fight ,hoodie pulled up over his head , constantly moving to keep the blood pumping, this guy was ready to fight,...his opponent was Steve Cypret,both men entered the ring fast as they were ready to get it on. Zach stuck hard and fast with hard punishing punches that rocked Steve early.Not much was left after Zach leveled his opponent and hovered over him as the referee had stopped the fight .Winner by TKO - Zach Streit.

Next week we will see the reutrn of a paid main event ,and an addition of having a live band play in the beginning of the show and durnig the intermissions of the fights, this is just another thing we are doing to make the MIDWEST KINGS OF THE RING a place you must come to on Thursdady nights for fun and great fight action!!
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