Monday, March 06, 2006


...You hear a song and you know exactly when 3:30 min has gone by

…You can get virtually anything done in 3:30, including smoke a cigerette or goto the bathroom.

...You hear a song and say "this is (stage name)'s song"

...You pay all your bills in ones

...Your music collection costs more than the car you drive

...You see a girl in sweat pants with no makup on and hair in curlers and you think HOT!

...Your're the only guy you know that knows pole tricks

...Normal hot girls in regular bars don't phase you cause you are now immune.

...You have performed a String check for a girl

...When you talk on the phone you sound like you're on a microphone

....You have been mobbed by "boob sweat"

...You have walked into a dressing room full of naked girls to collect money and were anxious to get it over with cause you wanted to go home

...You've refered to a DJ booth as your "office"

...You've wished your "office" had a lock on it so women couldn't talk to you

...Your other bartender friends shutter when you tip them cause they wonder were the money has acutally been.

....You review songs on wether you are allowed to play them or not

....Your're a "cash only" kinda guy can randomly flip the radio dial and know the who/what/and what track # of every damn song

….You've mastered the art of pretending to listen intently to a strippers bitching about personal problems with deadbeat boyfriends, money problems etc...

... And you know better than to ask a stripper how things are going for her because that's just asking for the bitching, complaining or weeping

…You play games like "Does she strip or not?" at the mall or "Name that drug!" on girls at work who are obviously high.
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