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A gentlemen's club is an upscale strip club in the United States that features performances by exotic dancers to high energy club tracks. These clubs tend to specialize in stage performances, with advanced lighting effects and specially designed stages that allow for acrobatic pole tricks.

Adult entertainment
In the early 1980s, the go-go bar industry in the U.S. (adult entertainment bars featuring topless nudity) introduced a new form of club known as the "gentlemen's club". These clubs were formed in an attempt to bring legitimacy to an industry plagued with ill-repute.
Gentlemen's clubs differ from standard strip bars because of special features and amenities offered to their guests. Unlike their earlier counterparts, these clubs specialize in creating show-centric entertainment, meaning they focus on combining music, lighting, and choreographed dance numbers. In addition, they also provide champagne courts and staging areas for dressing, hair and makeup, etc.
Most Gentlemen's clubs are located in the city of Las Vegas, though they have branched out into several other major markets. Gentlemen's and strip clubs, a $5-billion dollar (U.S.) industry, generate approximately 22% of the gross revenue in adult entertainment.

Exotic dancers audition for positions at Gentlemen's clubs. Auditions are usually held on a particular night of the week, usually earlier in the week when there will be less of a disruption to the club. During an audition, prospective performers get info on dress codes, house or stage rental fees, DJ/House Mom fees, couch dances, etc.
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