Friday, March 24, 2006


Last night was the inaugural night for the big show. The fight club was officially opened last night , in which there was a great turnout for the very first night.I was ready for fight night since about 5:30 pm, the night was lasting forever while waiting for the crowd , the fighters ,security etc. At about 8:15 came our referee professional MMA fighter Joe Jordan, he walked in and didn't seem to be worried that there wasn't anyone there yet, but people were starting to call on the phones, when is it ? I heard .. it's tonight 9 to 11 pm, hmm I thought it was advertised for 8 to 12 midnight, there's why the crowd isn't here yet ,,,, not 10 minutes later people just appeared out of nowhere, old people , young people, guys and girls. Awesome , I think were going to be ok now. By 9:45 the place all ready had more of a crowd than expected, for the first night in a place nobody had ever been before and a place where some were skeptical, because its located in the same place as our parent club, The Amsterdam GC.
The rest of the as they say was history , we had about 10 great fights , including MMA bouts, boxing, challenge match, and sumo suit fighting!UFC fighter TIM SYLVIA showed up and the crowd cheered heartily, not 20 minutes later UFC LEGEND AND 8 TIME WORLD CHAMPION MATT HUGHES shows up !! The crowd went nuts ! This is what I was waiting for , my excitement for the event I had organized and was running, had all come together, I saw our ring owner and partner MONTE COX and could hardly wait to get over to him and tell him , I think we have something here! he said ya I think this is going to be good.
I am so excited I can hardly wait until next week for event number 2 of a long line of events in our fight club.Plans are being made to get this televised on IPBN TV, we have radio spots, fliers , newspapers , posters, it's all out there now , after this great first night , by the end of summer we will be packed.I am just so pumped I don't know what else to say right now , I'm so happy !!

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