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A lot of my friends ask me questions about where I work, So in order to help them out....So....on I found these great guide lines for going to a strip club or gentlemen's club, I have modified these just a little to make it more towards what my club in particular does everyday. ENJOY THE KNOWLEDGE!

How much is a trip to a strip club going to cost me?

Strip club expenses can be broken down into five basic categories, cover charge, drinks(BYOB here! & thereforeno waitress tipping!), waitress tips, stage tips and private dance tips. Some people will spend only $30 or $40 during their night out, bascially the cost of cover and a few drinks, while others will spend hundreds or thousands( oh yes I have seen the FLOW !) in a night. It all depends on your pleasure, obviously the more you spend the better time you can have.

Will I be asked to leave if I don't want a table dance?

No. Most clubs want you to have a good time and tell your friends about it. There are a few strip clubs that are so busy that if you are not spending any money you may be asked to move to another seat (the reason for the 'reserved' signs on most tables). If a dancers asks you if you would like a table dance, politely say no thanks. If you say give some other unclear answer like 'maybe later' she will think you want her to come back later.

When is the best time of the day to visit a strip club?

Well this depends on what you like. If you are the type who likes a constant parade of new dancers, plan your club visits to straddle the dancers' shift change. At most clubs, the day girls leave between 6pm and 8pm, with the new girls coming on board to take their place. Ten or Eleven in the evening seems to be the electric atmosphere time. If you like a lot of personal attention, 2pm to 4pm is usually a bit slower, and the girls are willing to work a little harder for you.We only have one shift, it's called the eve/night shift , the only thing that might happen here is a girl might get to leave early if she arrives first or earlier than others.

Can bring my wife or girlfriend in with me to a strip club?

Yes. Most clubs will allow a woman if she is escorted by a male. Calling ahead is a good idea. Women customers also seem to receive much better private dances. If you want to see some hot action, bring your lady friend and most likely will have a great time! Here the women can come un-anounced and by them selves or with a pack, we love you all !

Should I only go to a club if I have some friends to go with?

Never worry about visiting a club by yourself. 50% to 60% of the men you will see in a strip club will be traveling businessmen who have come alone. The goal of the finest establishments is to make all visitors feel comfortable. They understand that each man walking through the door is vital to their business.

Do strip clubs have dress codes?

Some do some don't. The best policy is to call ahead if you're in question. The nicer gentlemen's clubs will usually require at least a collared shirt and slacks. Average strip clubs, a t-shirt and jeans will be just fine and most do not allow ball caps.As long as you dont act a fool here we say be comfy and style what you want .

Should I tip the waitress and other club employees?

It is not required that you tip waitresses, bartenders, valet attendants and dancers, but we highly suggest it. Those that tip will almost always get better service. If you frequent a club, tipping the bartenders and the wait staff will definitely pay off. You will be recognized and will receive superior service. Stage Tips. If you sit in the row of seats around the stage there is an unwritten rule that you tip at least one dollar per song. If you like a particular girl give her a little more, especially if you would like her to come find you later. You do not have to use your life saving to have a good time, just be polite and show a little gratitude for their hard work.

How much should I tip a dancer?
When sitting at the tip rail, you should generally tip at least $1.00 per song(table dance). If you like the dancer or she does something spectacular, definitely feel free to tip more at stage, $5, $10, $20 denominations are not usual, but not uncommon. Now in regards to tipping with private or lap dances, that is completely up to you. Obviously the more you are willing to tip a dancer the better chance she will want to spend more time with you.
What is a private dance?

This is a dance that dancer performs just for you. I've chosen to use "private dance" as a blanket term for these performances,or other terms like: lap dance, table dance, chair dance, air dance, couch dance, bed dance and more.

How much is a table or private dance?

This will have a wide range from club to club. Call the club or visit their web sites for the most up to date information. In most Major cities you can expect to pay $10 to $20 for a dance that occurs out in the main room( our rooms are PRIVATE and V.I.P. $25 for the PRIVATE ROOM and $35 for the V.I.P. ROOM) and $20 - $30.00 for a dance the occurs in a private area.

How do I find out who gives the best private dances?

How you define good? The best advice is observe other privates going on in common areas and determine which girl is doing what you like. Your best bet to finding the right dancer is to talk to friends that frequent a specific club, in most situations they know who's going to show you a good time.

Once I find a dance I like, how do I get a dance?

The most common method is to wait until a dancer stops by your table and asks you. Some will engage you in conversation first while others will just ask. If this isn't working just walk up to her and ask. If you are interested in a girl that seems to be a bit more popular on that given night, tipping her well during her stage show will almost always guarantee she will stop by your table. If all else fails ask your waitress, a floor manager or the DJ to send the dancer of your choice to you.

Am I allowed to touch the dancers?

In most clubs the answer is NO! , but we are a "touch club" which means you can touch the girls anywhere but the crotch area, and trust me if you are in a "touch club" and you touch more than what you're alowed , don't be suprised if the bouncer touches you ! Main rule--- Don't be greedy touch clubs are not that common, so don't ruin a good thing.

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