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A doorman or a bouncer is a term for a person who deals with disorderly people in a bar, pub or nightclub.

It has been suggested that the word "bouncer" originated from when the said disorderly person would be thrown out and bounce as he hit the ground. Another speculation is that the term originated from the person that stood guard on the bar door bouncing a coin someone gave him to enter the bar on some wood to test whether it was real or counterfeit.

Bouncers are stereotypically portrayed as large muscular men who are only meant to restrain and remove an individual from an establishment, sometimes violently as well as portrayed as punishing a disorderly through physical assault so they will not return. In actuality, attitudes of door staff vary from place to place. As they are the first people a customer will encounter prior to entering an establishment, the impression they leave can influence an entire evening.

A doorman is a bouncer who works the main entrance to an establishment such as a hotel or apartment building. This is a better paid and more prestigious position, especially since it is common to get gifts from those who want in. They are often uniformed. A greater customer service competence is usually required for this position.

Increasingly bouncers must be certified with training in crowd control and first aid.

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