Friday, February 24, 2006


1. You cancel a date with a non-dancer when your favorite dancer calls
to tell you she is working and asks "can you please stop by tonight",
because she needs money.

2. When you're out at a nightclub you automatically clap
when the music ends.

3. You are out on a date with a non-dancer and she jokingly says,
"How about I jump up on this table and dance?'' You automatically
reach in your pocket for singles and cheer her on.

4. When a song ends on your stereo at home,
you expect a DJ to say something about tipping the girls.

5. At least 2 dancers have asked you to finance their breast implants.

6. You come into the club late. First the waitress, then sevaral dancers
tell you, that your favorite girl has already gone home, before you
mention her name.

7. You show up and the bouncer kicks a guy out of "your favorite seat".

8. You can go to the club, with no money, and still get as many dances
as you normally do.

9. The waitress knows your drink and brings it to you before you sit down.

10. You win a $20 bet with a buddy that you know who's on stage
before entering the club, based solely on the music that is playing.
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